The Latinas con Lupus, Promotores con Información online professional development course contains six handouts. Each handout is structured to be used by promotores to support clients with suspected or diagnosed lupus, raise lupus awareness, and locate reliable online resources.
Lupus Fact Sheet
Verifying Online Resources
Provider, Organization, and Resource Tracking Sheet
Tracking Signs and Symptoms
Lupus Support Assessment Tool
Patient Rights
All Handouts
Hoja informativa sobre el lupus
Verificación de recursos en línea
Hoja de seguimiento: proveedores, organizaciones, y recursos
Seguimiento de signos y síntomas
Herramienta de evaluación de apoyo para el lupus
Derechos del paciente
Hoja informativa sobre el lupus


The following resources provide additional information, facts, and support for promotores, persons with lupus, community members, and families.

The Lupus Initiative is a national program of the American College of Rheumatology dedicated to reducing lupus health disparities. The website includes a variety of resources in English and Spanish for providers, educators, students, patients, and supporters.

Hablemos de Lupus is an educational initiative for persons from Latin America who have lupus. The website and Facebook page offer information in Spanish specifically about living with lupus and general lupus facts.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lupus website offers evidence-based resources, publications, and information about lupus related to symptoms, healthy pregnancies, and diagnosis and treatment.

The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) website provides resources for individuals living with lupus, caregivers, and health care professionals. Additionally, LFA offers individuals living with lupus the opportunity to connect with a lupus community in their state and connect with certified health educators.


KDH Research & Communication created the Todo Promotores Clearinghouse (TPC) to provide comprehensive promotores program formulation, implementation, and evaluation resources for community-based organizations. TPC offers materials to help organizations set goals, hire and train promotores, build partnerships, manage resources, promote their services, and more.

Families USA published a brief with research on funding promotores programs. The brief includes research about the financial benefits of promotores programs, how organizations can use Medicaid to fund their programs, and how to integrate programs into health systems.

The Community Health Worker Core Consensus (C3) Project developed core roles, skills, and qualities for promotores and community health workers. To find this page, type “CHW C3” into Google.