In what order should I complete the lessons?

We strongly recommend completing the lessons in order, starting with the introduction.

How do I turn on the subtitles to complete the course in English?
To turn on the subtitles for the English videos, hover over the video and press select English, and the captions will appear in English.
How do I know if I completed the lesson?
Once you complete the lesson, including the quizzes and interactive learning experiences, a green checkmark will appear next to each lesson.
How do I complete the course quizzes?
Throughout the course, Natalia, the course facilitator, will notify you when there is a quiz. To access and complete quizzes you must wait until each video is complete. Once the video is complete, the words “Take the Quiz” and a link to the quiz will appear below the video. Press the quiz title and complete the quiz.
What score do I need on the quiz to move forward in the course?
To move forward, you must all answer the questions correctly, you will receive the green check mark indicating that you’ve completed this part of the lesson. If you do not get all the answers correct, you will be prompted to review your answers and retake the quiz.


What are the interactive learning experiences?

Interactive learning experiences provide you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and practice the skills you learned from each lesson. In Lessons 2, 3, and 4 you can complete a virtual a role-playing scenario.

How do I complete the interactive learning experience?

During the interactive learning experiences, you will be introduced to a virtual community member who needs your support. Based on what the community member needs, you will be given two to three response options. Choose the option you believe is the best response and continue until you have successfully provided the community member with the resources and information she needs.

You can complete the interactive learning experiences as many times as you’d like. Have fun and think about the best way that you can support the community members to overcome any obstacles they may face.

Now that I have completed the course, how do I download my certificate of completion?

The certificate of completion will include your name,* date of course completion, and will be signed by KDHRC's president and founder. There are two ways that you can locate and download your certificate:

  1. Once you complete the course, visit the course homepage. The message “You’ve earned a certificate!” will appear with a link labeled “Download Certificate.” Click the “Download Certificate” icon and your certificate will open in a new window.
  2. Visit the course dashboard page listed under your account. Click on or . When you click on the icon or certificate link, your certificate will open in a new window.

*Keep in mind that the name you provided when you enrolled in the course will be the name that appears on your certificate.